Stand Independently: Years Of Determination And Grit! ​

stand independently

If anything, good has come from this pandemic it might be this opportunity. Physical therapy closed, no one around to help me stand, extra time with not having to travel to work or doctors, Ash is stuck in India- This is the moment of truth- can I find the courage to stand independently knowing I might fall and have to call my neighbor to pick me up.

 I’ve been trying to stand independently ever since I was able to walk in my braces. I love being able to walk in my braces because it makes me feel so good. My circulation is better, my mood automatically lifts and the adrenaline of working out kicks in.

The challenge was I couldn’t do it without someone around to help me stand into the walker. I resented this and found it debilitating. I knew there was a way for me to stand on my own and I would find it no matter what it takes. Over the years I’ve elevated my mat, bought boosting mechanisms, strengthened my arms and used several different techniques to try to stand on my own – nothing worked consistently. I would strengthen my arms but then get sick with a UTI to put me back at square one.

So I got this amazing standing chair Leo II by Wheel88 that has brought me so much joy in standing. Why can’t I use it to stand into my braces?? So, we started practicing at my therapy place and this is the final results of years of determination and grit. There were so many times I wanted to give up especially when my leg spasms were uncontrollable and the nerve pain would burn through my legs like wild fire for hours and days at a time.

At any point in those years I could have given up and decided that I’m not meant to walk again- that standing is not going to happen for me anymore. But then every day I feel the nerve endings all the way down to my toes telling me that they are not going to stop so I can’t either. Every cell in my body knows it’s going to walk again even when my mind is not sure if it possible at times.  I gain so much energy and encouragement every time I get up in my braces and am able to share my story with others.

My energy and perseverance come from within just as much as it comes from outside by the community that supports me and likes my posts. It always blows my mind when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a long time and they tell me about how they are following my recovery and know that I will walk again as well.

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