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To inspire and empower people with spinal cord injuries to lead active and engaged lives.

Active Fund: The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for anyone with a spinal cord injury. Life is better active! Through the Active Fund, we provide grants for individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury to purchase adaptive sports equipment. We believe in the power of sport and recreation to foster inclusion and overcome the barriers of paralysis. We have helped over 900 people from 48 states purchase handcycles, monoskis, sport chairs, racing chairs, hockey sleds, and much more.

Kelly Brush foundation Grant support- I have received 2 grants from this foundation. One for my Handcycle ($2500) I got right after my accident when I was not working. Then I got another grant in 2018 for Scuba gear when I was working. I make good money but spend any extra money on my recovery and doctor appointments which I can show with my tax return. I thought maybe I would not get the grant because of my income but they gave me $1000 for my scuba gear despite my income. I thought maybe Scuba equipment was not part of the adaptive equipment but I tried and it worked; so if you not sure at least try. I think they have a way you can ask as well. I really needed my own and it totally change my experience the first dive I used it. This was amazing and allowed me to get a regulator, a BCD (buoyancy control device) Vest and a wet suit which I got modified. I think as long as you convince them of your need for the specific equipment then they are willing to help. It is a time consuming grant application but if you need help please message me as I am working on a support system for those who struggle with bureaucracy. It can be an overwhelming process and my goal is to help break it down and make it simple for anyone.

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Address: Three Main Street, Suite 105 Burlington, VT 05401

Three Main Street, Suite 105 Burlington, VT 05401