Birthday Present - PodcastDx Interview

Last month I got the opportunity to speak to PodcastDx about my spinal cord injury and recovery process. They are an amazing podcast that brings to light the triumphs people have over what can become devastating situations. I appreciate their mission to highlight the wonderful capacity of the human spirit in times of trauma that sometimes leaves people with a #disability . It was wonderful for them to release the recording on my birthday which is also 3 days short of my 6 year anniversary of my accident. My #paralysisrecovery has seen a ton of blessing and being able to share them in this podcast was a treat. I main hope through this podcast is that inspires people to find the silver lining is what they might think to be the worst of times. I find these times are the ones that help us dig deep and learn to truly accept life as it is. I love myself now more than I ever did before my accident. Before my accident I didn’t think I was beautiful, attractive, smart enough, worthy enough, or capable to fulfill my life purpose. Now I know I’m perfect the way I am and I accept wearing a diaper, not being able to control my bowel movements or my bladder or even being able to walk -yet (: I realized everything in life is temporary and perfect just in the moment you’re in. My recovery over the past 6 years has made me whole!


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  1. December 10, 2020, 12:55 am