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Adaptive Adventures

To provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, adults and veteran with physical disabilities and their families.

Vision :

Adaptive Adventures The organization provides progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, adults and our veterans. Since 1999, we have been striving to ensure that all individuals with physical disabilities have access to participation in outdoor sports regardless of their location, equipment needs or economic status. The organization provides much more than sporting opportunities. Adaptive Adventures programs provide the opportunity for individuals with physical disabilities to increase independence, to experience camaraderie, to recreate with family, to lessen negative coping behaviors, to find new ways to move post diagnosis or traumatic injury and to live an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Adaptive adventure was one of the first organizations I participated with. I first fell in love with handcycling when I was introduced to in the first month after my accident. Being a serious biker before my accident made me embrace the possibilities of new freedoms with handcycling. I was still in a fragile position from my accident at our first handcycle practice. No worries they had the equipment there helmet and all, volunteers and bottles of water to ensure a nice ride. The volunteers helped me to transfer to the handcycle. We had one of the cycling coaches bike with us only a mile from where I had my accident off of the lake shore path. I was in ecstasy to be outside a little wind in my hair, the sun shining down, new found friends that were experiencing the same life style and a new community I could start building my new life with. No
matter your disability they will help to find a bike that works best for you. They have a variety of bikes, handcycles and trikes at their practices. I’ve also learned a little about mono skiing while attending the sessions at Wilcot Ski resort in Wisconsin. For the ski sessions they also have a ton of equipment to fit any disability and will work at your comfort level to get you fitted to try skiing. I’ve also attended their rock climbing practices which adapts rock climbing to many levels of abilities. They have amazing volunteers and a ton of opportunities to help you get out of the house to help build a wonderful supportive community.

9053 Harlan Street, Suite 34, Westminster, CO 80031