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Project awaken exist to empower and motivate people with Spinal cord injury and other disabilities to partners with the disabled community to share their triumphs over life situations. Project Awaken pairs disabled volunteers with other disabled people to help them get out of their house and into the community by helping them have breakthroughs over their life situations that keep them from living fully!

Empowering others to empower themselves is how we change society’s views on the disabled.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi

About Project Awaken
Project Awaken was born out of the idea that all of us are capable of doing everything and anything we want in life no matter our life circumstances. To awaken from an accident, traumatic brain injury, birth defect, disease, or disability is like having a relentless spiritual teacher- every moment of your life is tested with how strong your will power is to move on get out into a society that doesn’t look like you. The person with the strongest will power can still struggle to awaken from their torment when they are alone, but when they are surrounded by a community of people that are filled with love, hope and inspiration nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

Board of Directors

Jenny Kraft 

Founder and President

Jennifer discovered a new life after becoming paralyzed in 2014. She discovered a community that was stronger than any she had been a part of before her accident. She got involved in everything she could after her accident like scuba diving, handcycling, physical therapy, adaptive fitness classes etc. During the process and sharing her recovery story of working to walk again created a loving supportive community that every disabled person needs. Jennifer saw the need and created Project Awaken to help support others to get out of their house, get empowered, get active and live full

Ashutosh Sharma

Vice President

Ashutosh (aka Ash) is Jennifer’s loving husband that understands how much it takes to live with a disability and support those people to live fully. He has been by Jennifer’s side since January 2018 supporting her step of her way in her recovery and being the loving space she has needed to establish Project Awaken.   Ash is very passionate about helping people to evolve past their circumstance and live their full passionate potential.

Jennifer Kraft - Founder

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